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Backlink Report

The backlinks are vital to generate quality traffic on your website. These are the bridges between your web page and those users that could be interested in your content.  A Backlink Report service will give you an overview of all the backlinks in use by your website, it allows you to verify and improve them in case one is not working correctly.

The Backlink Report service is a web analysis tool for SEO positioning that produces a report on the links that point to your website. It is important to constantly check these links and make sure they are not broken, that they are of quality and that they are sufficient.

All this information is offered by the Backlink Report service. It is extremely important, because backlinks are one of the key tools to improve your website’s ranking in search engines. This is what makes Google, Yahoo or Bing identify it as relevant and place it in the first positions of the search results.

The backlinks are classified according to their quality and function. Each backlink of quality and correct operation will improve the positioning of your website.

Creating the Backlink Report is very important in order to set up a successful SEO strategy. First, we will analyze your website’s already existing backlinks and then, we can set up the Link Building process accordingly. This way, our link building campaign will have a bigger effect and will generate results faster.

The web analysis provided by the Backlinks Report service is essential to understand the mentions of your website, traffic, authority and recommendations, which are vital to achieve a good web positioning.

Better position in search results means more visitors and potential customers.

The link building process is one of the most important part of the entire SEO campaign. So, in order to make sure that the Link building will be effective and successful, you have to understand the already existing backlinks and their quality.

This is exactly what our Backlink Report service offers you.

We will create a detailed Backlink analysis, to find all the indexed Backlinks to your website.

Our team will create a professional and detailed report containing all the Backlinks linking to your websiteThe created analysis will help us to get a detailed view of the already existing Backlinks and to adjust the Link Building process accordingly.

Our Service includes:

  • Providing websites (where the Backlinks come from)
  • IP address
  • Anchor text used
  • Dofollow or Nofollow
  • indexing date
  • Duration time: 5 Days