What’s the purpose of having a website if people can’t find it?

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Brand-New Website SEO

Customized SEO Plans for new websites

Our team of experts specializes in:
- Building authority
- Improving Rankings
- Increasing Organic Traffic

The online market is more competitive than ever!

With thousands of brand-new businesses entering the online space each day, Your website has to stand out from the crowd in order to get traffic and sales.

In today’s digital world, having a well-designed website/webshop is simply Not Enough!

In order to get traction and build authority you need:




SEO has become an essential part of any effective online marketing strategy!

Your competitors are using it, so if you skip it, you'll be left behind!

Analytics Brand-new website seo

Why do you need SEO?

  • To know your website and targeted audience better
  • To improve your website's technical status and UX
  • Improve the ranking of your target keywords
  • To reach your target audience and get traffic
  • To improve your sales and conversion

<- Simply put, to get from point A to point B!

What do we offer?

We’ll help your website to get indexed by search engines, improve your rankings, optimize your website to perform better, assist you with creating content, and much more…

Our goal is to take your brand-new website and push it all the way up to the top pages of Google!

Accessibility and Indexing

We make sure that all your pages are correctly indexed and accessible! Google search console setup, Crawling details, sitemap submission, robots.txt configuration, broken link removal, etc...

Keyword Research

We analyze your business model and targeted audience, in order to find the most relevant search terms to target. The keyword research process will helps us know the language of your potential visitors.

On-Page Optimization

We optimize your web pages to improve the website's rankings and traffic. Content optimization, meta data configuration, keyword injection, Loading speed optimization, FAQ schema, UX, Internal linking, etc...

Website Analysis

We test and analyze your website's performance in relation to SEO, speed, competition, and traffic. The created website audit will help us discover all the SEO related issues of the website.

Competitor Research

We identify, evaluate and analyze your top performing competitor websites, in order to discover their SEO metrics, targeted keywords, backlink profile, site structure and traffic details.

Off-Page Optimization

We improve your website's authority by building high quality, contextual backlinks from relevant sources. We build up cooperations with editorial persons within your industry in order to acquire backlinks naturally.

SEO is all about continuous, steady growth!

You have to be patient at the beginning, but the long-term results are absolutely worth the waiting!

After each month, your website will:

  • Have less technical issues
  • Have better UX (user experience)
  • Get more inbound backlinks
  • Have more/better content
  • Rank higher in Google
  • Get more traffic
  • Convert better
Analytics new website

What are the costs?

Since we designed this package especially for new websites and starting businesses, we’re committed to offering affordable pricing options and monthly fees! 

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