Harding Green

Harding Green is a privately owned, independent real estate agency in the heart of Kensington (United Kingdom) which specializes in the sale and rental of residential properties!

Key results

103% organic traffic increase

118% increase in the number of leads

Significant increase in Google impressions

23 new keywords in the Google Top 10

Client review

„Excellent and professional SEO company which has transformed our online presence for the better. Very thankful to Makkai and the team for all of their efforts."

Nick Carter
Harding Green Ltd. Founder

Work process

The goal of the SEO campaign was to use an effective and transparent method to increase the online visibility of the website and thereby, attract more customers from organic searches.

A key part of the campaign was analyzing the website and the market, finding the right keywords, optimizing the website’s technical SEO settings, improving the website’s User Experience (UX), and building up the backlink profile of the website.


Through the well-directed search engine optimization campaign, we were able to significantly improve the authority, search rankings and traffic of the website, and achieved a strong online presence for the company.

Website performance

As a result of the SEO Campaign we have managed to increase the organic traffic of the website by 103%, which resulted in a 118% increase in the number of leads from the website!

Organic Traffic

During the period of the Search Engine Optimization campaign, the organic traffic of the website has been increasing steadily from month to month.

Clicks and impressions

The number of clicks from Google and the number of impressions have also increased significantly as a result of optimization.


The number of keywords ranking in the Google Top 10 (first page) has increased by 23, while the total list of keywords that the website ranks for has also been expanded by a total of 145 new keywords!

Do you want to achieve similar results with your company?

Do you want to achieve similar results with your company?

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