Kelemed Plastic Surgery

Kelemed is a privately owned plastic surgery clinic operating in Budapest (Hungary) which performs a wide range of plastic surgeries and treatments.

Main results

49% organic traffic increase

87% increase in Google impressions

Higher click-through rate

20 new keywords in the Google Top 10

Client review

„Professional team with useful and executable ideas. Predicted and achieved results. Perfect cooperation!"

Dr. Kelemen Ottó
Kelemed Plastic Surgery , Plastic surgeon

Work process

The goal of the SEO optimization of the Kelemed Plastic Surgery website was to increase the company’s online visibility in the market and to attract more inquiries and appointments online.

The key parts of the SEO campaign were analyzing the website, doing a market research, finding the relevant keywords, implementing Technical SEO, improving the User Experience, content creation and also building up the backlink profile of the website.


Through the search engine optimization campaign, we have managed to increase the authority, online visibility and traffic of the website, moreover we have also significantly improved the User Experience provided by the website.

Website performance

As a result of the SEO optimization, the organic traffic of the website has increased by almost 50% (comparison between the 30-day period before the start of our work and the 30-day period after the optimization)

Organic Traffic

During the search engine optimization campaign, the organic website traffic grew the most in the first months and then continued to rise steadily over the following months.

Clicks and impressions

There was also a significant increase in clicks from Google and website impressions, driven by the improved keyword rankings.

Do you want to achieve similar results with your company?

Do you want to achieve similar results with your company?

Client reviews

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