Verotex Shop

Second-hand clothing webstore from Hungary, which sells the products of the most popular brands, at affordable prices!

Main results

352% increase in organic traffic

225% more impressions on Google

Higher click-through rate

15 new keywords in the Google Top 10

Client review

„We have been working with Mátyás for almost a year, but we got more than we discussed. They provide flexible communication, professional work and 100% satisfaction to their clients."

Oláh Martin
Verotex Shop Founder

The work

Given that Verotex Shop was a brand-new web store, the basic goal of the optimization was to establish their traffic and online presence.

Our team was already involved in the process during the development of the web store, during which we provided practical guidance in creating the right structure and user experience for the webshop.

In the first part of the optimization, we did a market research and found the right keywords, then we started implementing technical SEO and built up the backlink profile of the website.

The monthly optimization also included discovering and applying various link building options, improving the User Experience(UX) of the website as well as tracking and presenting the results to the owner.


Through the SEO campaign, we managed to establish the online presence of the Verotex Shop start-up web store and brought in the first purchases from organic sources.

In the process, we managed to significantly increase the authority and traffic of the web store, which provided the necessary basis for further expansion.

Website performance

Through the search engine optimization campaign, we were able to increase the organic traffic of the website by more than 352%, which also lead to higher online revenue.

Organic Traffic

As the Google analytics chart shows, the website traffic has steadily increased over the period of optimization, which made the progress predictable and transparent.

Clicks and impressions

Clicks from Google and impressions of the website have also increased steadily during the months of the optimization, while the search engine clickthrough rate has also improved.


As a result of the SEO campaign we have managed to rank the web store on the first page of Google (Top 10) for a total of 15 new keywords, while the complete list of keywords that the website ranks for has also been expanded by more than 200 new keywords!

Do you want to achieve similar results with your company?

Do you want to achieve similar results with your company?

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