Everything you need to know about SEO…

The online competition is rapidly increasing. Everyone is planning to start an online business because they know it is a perfect platform to express their talent and convert their passion into a successful business. However, there are so many competitors that it often gets hard to maintain the online ranking.

If you are new to the online world you might have noticed that everyone is talking about the SEO. Whether it is a business organization or a small online store, everyone is worried about the SEO of their website. You may have been wondering that what is SEO. Here we have everything you need to know about the SEO of your business.

What is SEO

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is the marketing experts use to increase the visibility in non-paid/organic search results. For the management of SEO, you will need both creative and technical skills that will help you maintain a higher online ranking, increase awareness and driver traffic through the search engine. There are many aspects of SEO that you have to consider like from the content you are posting on your page to the links you have added in your website. SEO is not only about the words because you have to assure that structure of your website is appropriate according to demands of search engines.

SEO means that you have to make your website user-friendly to assure that your visitors will have a better user experience. When you are planning to work on the SEO of your website it is important for you to consider the types and techniques of SEO that you have to use. Remember that using the wrong technique will not only affect the credibility of your business but also you will never be able to gain the success that you have always wanted.

Type of SEO

There are two famous types of SEO and it is important that you learn to balance between both of them. That is the only way you will be able to maintain your online ranking.

1. On Page SEO

It is the type of SEO in which you have to manage your main website and web pages according to the requirements of the search engines to maintain a higher ranking. Managing the on-page SEO properly will help you to generate more pertinent traffic. It will be like an extension that you will apply to your website to assure that the content is properly optimized. Some of the important aspects of the on-page SEO are.

  1. Page Titles
  2. Content Optimization
  3. Meta Tags
  4. Meta Descriptions
  5. URL Structure
  6. High quality keywords
  7. H1, H2, H3,… H6 Tags
  8. Video optimization
  9. Keyword Density
  10. Image Optimization

2. Off-page SEO

It is known as the link building practice. It is the type of SEO that is utilized to improve the position of our website online. There are various activities that you can use for link building.

  1. Social Networking Sites
  2. Blog Submission
  3. Guest Blogging
  4. PPT Submission
  5. Directory Submission
  6. High quality Link Building
  7. Press Release
  8. Article Submission
  9. Forum Marketing
  10. Social Bookmarking
  11. Image and Video Submission
  12. Business Listings

Techniques of SEO implementation

No doubt there are various things that you have to consider when you are implementing the SEO but there are 3 important techniques that need your special attention.

1. White hat SEO

It is the most popular and mainstream techniques used for maintenance of the SEO. Most of the companies prefer to use the white hat SEO because it is reliable and bring long-lasting effects. In this process you have to work with a proper plan. You have to implement all the SEO rules and regulation step by step and maintain the keyword density. It may take some time but once you will maintain your online ranking you will not have to worry about your rivals. You will not have to deal with any issues because even the search engines trust the white hat SEO.

2. Blackhat SEO

If you are planning to get instant results and higher ranking overnight than using black hat SEO is the only technique that you have. Keep in mind that black hat SEO is not appreciated by the search engines and once your website is labelled for utilizing the black hat SEO you will not only be considered as spam but also visitors may get a warning before they can access your website. It means that your online credibility will be affected. For black hat SEO there are no special plans required because you only have to add any type of content that you get that is stuffed with keywords and low-quality backlinks. 

3. Grey hat SEO

It is a combination of both white and black hat SEO. It is the process in which you will not completely use the black hat SEO. There will be a continuous transformation between black and white hat SEO. There are some organizations that are using the grey hat SEO online to get quick results and maintain their online ranking without getting caught by search engines.

Make sure that you select the SEO techniques that you are comfortable with. However, if you want to generate positive results for a long time it is better that you plan SEO of your website properly.

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