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Our monthly SEO campaign is the solution that you need to achieve your long-term SEO goals!  


SEO is a long-term marketing strategy, which usually requires at least two-three months of work before getting real results. That’s the main reason why the ongoing (monthly) SEO plans have become the most popular options in the industry! It gives SEO experts time to develop and implement the best campaign for your business, without being restricted by time. 


We don’t have fixed-price SEO packages following the same template. We believe that every website is unique and therefore, a unique SEO approach is needed to reach the desired goals. After analyzing your website’s starting situation, we develop customized SEO plans that fit your requirements & expectations. There’s only one factor that each of our SEO campaigns share: The Result!

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What's included?

Website Optimization (On-page)

Improving the website’s technical state and optimizing it’s content. The on-page optimization process involves the implementation of the technical SEO, which helps both search engines and visitors to better understand your website.  

The website optimization includes:

  • Meta tag, description and heading optimization with relevant keywords
  • Robots.txt file and XML Sitemap optimization
  • Image Alt Tag and Title optimization
  • Schema markup implementation
  • Setting the Focus Keywords
  • Readability optimization
  • Fixing all the existing, SEO related errors, that could prevent the website from ranking higher in search engines.

Link Building (Off-page)

Building High Quality Backlinks to the website from relevant sources, in order to improve the ranking positions of the selected keywords and to increase the organic traffic.

We use two different methods:

  1. Contextual Link Building – Publishing relevant, original articles about your business/product/service on high authority websites and linking back to your page.
  2. Link Earning – Earning natural, niche-relevant Backlinks by building partnerships and providing value.

We are using exclusively White-hat SEO methods, in order to prevent the website from getting penalized by Google.

We perform the Link Building works in multiple sessions throughout the whole month, respecting the latest Google Algorithm Guidelines.

Guest posting

Guest posting is the process of contributing a post to another person’s blog or website. In SEO, guest posting is used to earn niche-relevant backlinks from high authority sources.

As the first step, we write unique and detailed articles about your business/product/service. Then, once we have the articles ready, we’ll reach out bloggers/editors inside your industry, in order to find opportunities for post contribution. 

As part of the service, we: 

  • Write articles with a word count of 1000+
  • Publish the articles on high authority websites/blogs
  • Insert Dofollow backlinks in the articles (pointing back to your website)

UX Optimization

User Experience is the way how visitors navigate through your website. From an SEO perspective, UX optimization is crucial, because it not only helps visitors & customers to find what they are looking for (on your site), but it also gives you the chance to understand their behaviour and to increase the chance of them revisiting your website!

As part of the service, we:

  • Conduct behavioral data analysis
  • Improve the website’s navigation
  • Improve the loading speed of the site
  • Remove broken links
  • Optimize CTA’s (Call to action)
  • Improve mobile usability
  • etc…

Custom suggestions

Keeping up with the latest Google algorithm updates & SEO methods and implementing them in the ongoing Search engine optimization process. 

Consistently re-analyzing the website’s online presence and giving detailed recommendations on how to improve it.

Simply put, the custom suggestions can refer to any factor, which hasn’t been mentioned as part of the above described services, and can have a significant influence on the online presence of the website.

We keep our clients updated about the changings happening in the SEO industry (Algorithm updates & releases, Ranking factors, etc) and coordinate their SEO campaigns accordingly!


Tracking the Results

SEO is measurable! Despite the fact that SEO is quite complex, accurately tracked traffic numbers and ranking positions will always give a clear picture of how things are standing. 

As the first step of the of the monthly SEO campaign, we set up (and configure) the Google search console and Google Analytics accounts of the website, in order to access the latest traffic data, and to monitor the website’s online performance!

Besides the above mentioned Google integrations, we also use custom rank tracking tools, that helps us to follow the progress of the selected keywords, and track the most important SEO metrics in simple spreadsheets.

We use this spreadsheet to document the changes of the selected keyword’s ranking positions as well as the most important SEO metrics (such as Domain authority, Page Rank, Trust Flow, etc…).

Status update emails

We send each of our clients a detailed report/update email about the website’s current situation and the stage of the work twice in a month (second and fourth week).

A status update email contains the list of the tasks completed in the past two weeks, the goals of the next two weeks, and the SEO Progress report, which shows the current values of the website’s SEO metrics and the ranking positions of the targeted keywords.

The purpose of sending out the status update emails is to make the progress easy to follow for our clients and to give them a detailed overview of the project.


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