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How do you get there?


As part of a digital consultation (email or phone), you tell us about your business, product or service, SEO goals, expectations, target audience, and so on. We get to know your situation and targets. 

SEO Audit

We analyze the online presence and SEO performance of your website by doing a full audit. The SEO audit will help us to discover the things that need to be fixed and to plan the SEO campaign.

Monthly SEO

We fix the issues that were discovered by the Audit and implement the technical SEO. Ongoing optimization with the goal of improving the ranking positions of the selected keywords & increasing the organic traffic of the website.

About our SEO campaigns

Our SEO campaign focuses on increasing the online visibility of your website by improving the ranking positions of the targeted keywords. We perform both on- and off-page optimization in order to fix the existing issues and to build up the authority (credibility) of your online business. Once your website reaches the first page of Google, you’ll get organic traffic and valuable leads 24/7. That’s what happened with this website ———->

Campaign goals

  • To increase the website’s domain authority (DA)
  • To increase the website’s page rank (PR)
  • To increase the number of organic visitors
  • To improve the ranking of X (amount selected) keywords into the top 5 positions of search engines in the targeted country or globally. 
  • To reduce the bounce rate of the organic visitors

Duration time

SEO is a long-term process. Usually it takes at least 2-3 months to see the first results of the campaigns, and another 3-6 months to reach the final goals. Search engine optimization is a continuously changing, complex process, so it’s hard to predict the exact duration time needed to reach the top of Google. Once we reach the end goals of the campaign, the optimization can be stopped or replaced with maintenance work.

The Phases

The four stages of a six-month SEO Campaign:


Before getting started, we have a consultation (email or phone) with you to discuss the starting situation of your website, your SEO goals and target audience. We create the custom proposal for the Audit part and agree on the terms.

Month 1

We do a full SEO audit, in order to get a comprehensive view of your website's online presence and SEO performance. We analyze your market & competition, do the keyword research, and plan the ongoing SEO strategy.

Month 2-3

We start fixing the discovered issues, do on-page SEO and initialize the off-page optimization process. We implement the technical changes, optimize your content, develop a content production / marketing strategy and monitor the results.

Month 3-6

We focus on the off-page optimization (link building, guest posting, link earning, etc) in order to build up the authority of your website. While continuously tracking the results, we implement the advanced SEO methods & coordinate the campaign correspondingly.

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