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Website Audit

Auditing a website mainly consists of analyzing all the aspects, which can influence the SEO performance of the respective website. The created website audit will collect all the SEO related errors of the website, the traffic details, User experience factors and much more.

Basically, a good Website Audit is a strategic analysis of the website.

These audits are created by SEO experts, with the purpose of finding the existing SEO related errors, which prevent the website from ranking higher in search engines. Once the audit is done, the next step is creating a perfect action plan to solve all the issues, that the website has.

The audit can be done on both, large or small company websites, because no matter of the size, the respective website has to be in optimal conditions, in order to reach it’s target audience.

Choose our agency and we’ll find all the SEO related errors of your website.

Doing a Website Audit is essential to get the most out of your website. Everything happens on your website: potential clients search the service or product offered by you, register and receive updates, ask questions, hire you, etc. So, you need to make sure, that your website is SEO compatible, well optimized and does not have any errors, that could prevent it from ranking higher in search engines.

Our Website Audit service offers a perfect analysis of your website and provides detailed reports to help you understand the most important areas of the site, such as usability, security, quality, content, etc.

The online market is in continuous increase, so in order to rank high in search engines, you must choose the best and most suitable strategies for your website.

Our Website Audit will help you in:

  1. Website optimization

We analyze all the SEO related aspects of your website, such as the URL structure, the content and its quality, the focus keywords, the appearance of the site, the quality and number of backlinks, social media presence and so on.

  1. UX optimization

This part refers to whether your website is user friendly or not. Users must be able to easily navigate on your website. Our site audit will discover error, UX flaws, which can negatively influence the User experience of the website.

  1. Security 

Users expect security from a website, especially when using personal data or sensitive information regarding health or bank accounts. This is why it is so important to detect the possible weaknesses of your website and to prevent the inappropriate use of that information.

The Website Audit service offers you an overview of your website and tips on how to optimize it.

We will create a detailed Analysis of your website to find the existing mistakes and errors.

The created analysis will show all the SEO related errors of the website, and will help to correct or fix them. Our team will professionally analyze your website and create an easy to understand Report, containing all the necessary changes.

Our Service includes:

  • SEO related issues
  • Meta tag, heading and description errors
  • Site code issues
  • General domain info
  • Social media Presence
  • Speed optimization issues
  • UX issues
  • crawl ability and link analysis
  • Basic keyword analysis
  • Duration Time: 5 days